Introducing The Black Mall, A New Online Buying Community

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"As part owner of the Black Mall, I wholeheartedly support this online community base organization to raise awareness to people all over the world that Black Businesses are an important engine to move our people up the latter of self-determination and pride.  We must dedicate our efforts in serving our people with the tools to reach one another in time to establish effective networks for black empowerment." - by George X Lampkin

You have to love Black to buy Black, The Black Mall created a separate thriving online community steeped in self determination and pride.

There’s no better plan for targeting a specific segment of customers than launching a niche deal site.  The Chicago-based company is taking that one step further by making the merchants their target; by focusing on providing deals from Black-owned companies.  

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“With almost $1 trillion dollars in buying power, the Black community has more than enough resources to solve its own problems, and history teaches us that there is no sustained social, political, or cultural power without economic power.”

The Black Mall's goal is to highlight Black owned businesses that are high in quality through weekly emails, and giving customers easy access and incentives to patronize those businesses. Their business model is similar to a standard daily deals model, with the focus being on black owned businesses, but not targeting just black customers.

Register your Black-Own Business for ONLY $15.00 for the whole year at the Black Mall.  That includes a FREE eBlast to 5,000 subscribers.  

The Black Mall was conceived by DeJaundre Meekins, James Hughes  and Cassiopeia Case Sledge.  They understand more about how supporting and investing in Black Organizations and Businesses can help cure the social ills that disproportionately impact the Black Community like crime, unemployment, and young people picking gangs instead of school.  

FYI: Current Statistics shows us that Black people owned 1.9 million non-farm U.S. businesses operating in the fifty states and the District of Columbia, an increase of 60.5 percent from 2002. These Black-owned businesses accounted for 7.1 percent of all non-farm businesses in the United States, employed 921,032 persons (0.8 percent of total employment) and generated $137.5 billion in receipts (0.5 percent of all receipts).

Believe about how the only way to offer much more role models for Black children is to empower their communities economically and showing them Black success stories by growing the number of successful Black companies there.

The Black Mall site ( register Black-Owned Businesses for ONLY $15.00 for the whole year. That includes a FREE eBlast to 5,000 subscribers.  They even have a Facebook Fan Page at defines community as people who are held together by common self-interest and how they spend their money. The end effect of all community must be group self-sufficiency. Even though geographic boundaries generally are a primary indicator of community, we believe that common self-interest and economic inter-dependence are the real factors that define authentic community.

To see more of The Black Mall’s work, visit the The Black Mall.


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